"You need knowledge and you need skill. Knowledge you can even get just from reading a book.

Skill you cannot get from a book - you need to practice again and again"
Paul Ekman


One thing is to learn about research or clinic skills. Another thing is to know how to do effective research or clinic intervention. Knowing how to do requires “hands-on” training 

R&CS provides courses with a major practical component so that trainees are able to use and apply and train the theoretic background. Some of these courses regard topics such as:


  • Weight control
  • Obesity treatment
  • Diabetes treatment
  • Benzodiazepines discontinuation
  • Effective leadership (changing organizational processes)
  • Effective communication in contexts of resistance to change


  • Understanding the concepts of stress and anxiety
  • Evaluating stress and anxiety
  • Determinants of stress: individual/psychological, social and other environmental factors
  • Social and physical consequences of stress and anxiety
  • Stress and optimal levels of performance
  • Promotion of individuals' management of stress: goals, priorities and time management
  • Clinical approaches for anxiety treatment




Research & Care will launch different courses from time to time. So, please send us topics in which you may be interested on learning.

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