Obesity is a chronic disease with incresing prevalence rates and whose management is today one of the major health challenges worldwide.

Obesity affects about 28% of the Portuguese population (data from the 1st National Inquiry of Health with Physical Examination - INSEF, 2015).

In Research & Care Solutions we acknowledge that the struggle against obesity is a very hard journey. Therefore, we adopt a multidisciplinary and patient-centered lifestyle intervention, tested by experts of our team.

All R&CS nutritionists, psychologists and doctors are members of their Professional Associations, having an extensiv experience in treating obesity.

The treatment is done in an articulated and integrated way, with a special focus of the person. In R&CS, we believe that autonomous motivationfor the construction of new and long-lasting habits is the only way to control the weight on a long-term basis. For this reason, we use innovative evidence-based strategies to promote an effective self-management of food behaviour.